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Turntables make spirographs. RAD!

So sad that there are no tunes, though.

Drawing Apparatus - Robert Howsare


Everyone alive needs to see this. Please share.

Joseph Kony is the worst living criminal. He abducts children and hands them guns to kill other people, even their parents. He uses the girls as sex slaves. The children he abducted are called the Lord’s Resistance Army, also known as, The LRA. He has abducted over 30,000 children and uses them as kid soldiers in Central Africa. He remains at large because he is practically invisible to the whole world. That’s why we’re making him famous. Let us make him famous to stop his crimes.


Yearsa modified record player by German artist Bartholomäus Traubeck that translates the growth rings on a cross section of a tree into haunting piano music – a fine addition to these experimental projects making music from natural elements.  (via)


Drugs on a Facebook Timeline. For Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority McCann Digital told the story of fictional character Adam Barak’s two lives: one getting addicted to drugs, one staying clean. In a ‘split page’ style you can retrace Adam’s choices and stages of demise (or happiness). Like it!

Really cool use of the Facebook timeline.

9/365 - One-Hour video series: Hardware Huss Fuss

Jams: Jazz Scapes - Jazz Loopin’

We are entering a golden age of journalism. I do think there has been horrible frictional costs but I think when we look back at what has happened, I look at my backpack that is sitting here, and it contains more journalistic firepower than the entire newsroom that I walked into 30 to 40 years ago. It’s connected to the cloud, I can make digital recordings of everything that I do, I can check in real time if someone is telling me the truth, I have a still camera that takes video that I can upload quickly and seamlessly.

What a brilliant outlook on journalism! Great find, Mel

David Carr reflects on the future of journalism. (via nprfreshair)

A lot of great thoughts in here — really challenges people in publishing to change their thinking:

How do we shove books into digital v. How does digital affect books?


Craig Mod on the future of books in the iPad era, plus a brief living history of their past.

Impressive as always.

I’m curious as to if water had a large impact in his life… ?

Of course the projections were incredible visually and technically, but I wish they gave some more story other than being watery versions of what I could see anywhere.

Or I wish the shoe could walk on water.

Whichever one they want to give up first.


Nike does epic ambient courtesy of W&K of course. Air Jordan explosive water projections.



NATIVE UNION “Play” Digital Post-It

Here is a fun, little device that creates a more sophisticated way to leave a message or a reminder. The Digital Post has a small LCD screen and 180 seconds of video to get your message across. Let’s just hope this does not replace the text message as the lamest way to break-up with someone.

Order here.

This is both terrifying and amazing at the same time.


Google and Carnegie Mellon researchers team up on cloud-powered facial recognition that would enable you to take a photo of a complete stranger and track their real identity in mere minutes

I screwed up so this is my 2 and 3/365

I Love Ugly: How to Make an Ineffective Paper Prototype Demo 

By Kiera Rooker

Do nothing.

How can one do nothing? 

I feel like I’m always doing something even when I’m doing the nothing that I was instructed. There is still the factor of time.

Time that I am a wasting; waiting and waiting and waiting to solidify that I am, in fact, wasting time.

Especially when it comes to prolonged intervals between moments of communication.

This is the problem with Facebook, Twitter, cellphones, Skype and God knows what else.

That lovable, clumsy character Liz Lemon said it best,

"Man, there’s just so many different devices for guys not to call you on now.

Not that this is a man-slaughtering post.

Just think with me:

We have so many methods of communication and yet we still have so much trouble actually communicating.

Is this what technology has done for us? Allowed us to become incredibly lazy? Do we just shy away from the responsibilities that come with social networking? We’re held accountable for every moment we spend online and not returning a call, text, message, email, comment blahblahwhateverwhatever. How are we so careless with our behaviors online? How are we so careless with our time?

Seriously, I have angrily surfed the internet waiting for a response to my textycallmailywhatsits while simultaneously stalking their digital breadcrumbs to decipher what the hold up could be on our communication. 

But that was some time ago. I have since rocketed into this superfab maturity (read: no longer stalking while waiting to hear from someone) and I now keep text messages to a very superficial method of communication. I use phrases such as:

  • "Hey, where are you?"
  • "Are you buying me lunch?"
  • "Will you bring me food?"
  • "Someone farted."

I was actually asked out in a text message this past weekend. SERIOUSLY? That doesn’t really matter, but I needed to say that somewhere.

Anyway, I’ve just been reflecting on how non-constructively I have spent many moments of my life just browsing and not really ingesting any of content because my time is actually budgeted in the “wait and do nothing” category. Is this a woman thing? A general genderless insecurity? What is this paralyzing thing that barricades my brain from taking in what actually matters and costing me valuable bits of time?

This isn’t just when waiting to hear from someone, but when I’m anticipating going somewhere — tunnel focus turns on and I’m done for, y’all.

This has turned into a giant heap of nonsense. Whoopsies.

Google’s iPhone friendly (very friendly) website helps you understand the how to use the search-with-an-image option with this playful design.

Downloading the app allows you to take a picture with your iPhone and have the image recognition technology identify objects and return relevant search results.

It even has vocal recognition that supports a wide array of languages.

In addition, the app also translates text (six different languages), identifies barcodes, products, landmarks, artwork, and even solves your daily sudoku puzzle.


Google’s search application helps you uncover your world.