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Designer Karen Walker selected 12 models aged 65 to 92 for her latest 2013 eyewear collection, shot in collaboration with Ari Seth Cohen (of the blog Advanced Style), in the cheekily-titled campaign Karen Walker Forever. The 31-piece collection marries old favorites, like Deep Freeze and Number one, with new releases, like the Atomic.

Fuckin Fab lookin ladies.

I’m thankful for pictures of stylish mens’ crotches.


Left Field Japanese Tweed Tailored Chinos

top of my list for wants/needs.

So weird to see Richmond making it’s way around.

Waiting for Fall (by Kiera Rooker)

crappy pictures courtesy of Photobooth

100 years of East London Fashion in 100 Seconds to celebrate the opening

of “the largest urban shopping center in Europe” with this lovely spot.

Westfield Stratford - Opening September 13th

Levis  | Wieden+Kennedy | “Go Forth” - Braddock, PA

"We were taught how the pioneers went into the West

They opened their eyes and made up what things could be

A long time ago, things got broken here.

People got sad and left.

Maybe the world breaks on purpose

so we can have work to do.

People think there aren’t frontiers anymore.

They can’t see how frontiers are all around us.”

Phenomenal. W+K fan for life.


for the love of bacon.meat feet.


for the love of bacon.
meat feet.


Laser-cut Helvetica Scarf. I want it.

This is nerd-tastic.


Laser-cut Helvetica Scarf. I want it.

This is nerd-tastic.




These are sooo good.

The T T-shirt.


Tshirt typefaces by Masashi Kawamura.  Silhouette of famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.

Based on the way a name of a typeface discribes the body of the type , these tshirts do the same to the body.  The idea is simple , but the execution is great, just as the photography of Munetaka Tokuyama.  Don’t know where to get them , but my name starts with a T so better get my girl into one.

What? Shut up.