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Joy of Books - Type Books

100 years of East London Fashion in 100 Seconds to celebrate the opening

of “the largest urban shopping center in Europe” with this lovely spot.

Westfield Stratford - Opening September 13th

Alfred Hitchcock films in recipe form - a short film cooked up by students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover. 

Concept: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, Torsten Strer 
Layout / Animation: Pascal Monaco, Felix Meyer 
Sound Design: Torsten Strer 
Sound Technician: Dirk Austen / Paul Productions 
Voice: Peter Bennett

Posting this everywhere because we all deserve it.

Ray LaMontagne - Three More Days 

This is incredible.


Cannes Goodness: Burma Installation from JWT New York

Explosions in the Sky releases its first official music video - “Last Known Surroundings”

This is exactly what my insides feel like when I listen to their music.

I thought this would be a lot like having my imagination punctured and deflated into a sad predetermined image of what they wanted me to see, like seeing a movie of your favorite book and being sort of kind of mostly disappointed

But it’s not! 

A location-aware album disguised as an iPhone app by D.C. musicians Bluebrain appropriately titled The National Mall.

As you move around the National Mall, the music changes to accommodate your new setting — finally someone understands “walking music.”

This is a beautiful marriage of music and technology.


Ingenious window light synthesizer video for Cold Mailman shot against soon-to-be-demolished buildings in Oslo (via)



 i find myself mumbling along to this intro every time. and in dicking around last night i liked the idea of type looking how speech sounds. it’s probably not a final piece yet but i’m sleepy.

Dig it.

Definitely worth the time of 5 or 6 watches, minimum.

Fantastic. Fantastic!


Jake Davis, filmmaker and downtown best all-around, recently captured Gay Talese for his Test Shots series, this time in conjunction with Gilt MANual where Mr. Talese contributes. While all of Jake’s short films are stunning, this blows them far out of the water - to the moon, in fact. Watch, and watch again.


part 1 of 2.

yes, this took me forever.

This is so visually stimulating. It seems to reflect the very essence of the song. I feel this mostly in my joints.


New, fantastic video for tUne-yArDs’ Bizness. w h o k i l l comes out April 11th.